We Love Growth and Development

We Love Growth and Development

added on: February 23, 2021

So Small Smiles See Success :

Being a dentist in Springfield gives the advantage of being able to treat a wide variety of patients. Some of our most favorite people to sit in the dental chair are your precious kiddos. There’s something so special about being a child and watching them grow that’s truly captivating for both Dr. Lisa Baines and our talented team at Baines Dental Wellness. We want you to know that we’ve made it our mission to maximize your child’s growth potential relying on something more commonly referred to as airway orthodontics.

Baines Dental Wellness

What Should I Know About Airway Orthodontics?

When you choose us as your Springfield dentist, you’re getting more than just someone who wants to clean your teeth and send you out the door. We look at you and your health as a whole, not just a set of teeth. We care about how what we do can affect what’s happening elsewhere in your body. Airway or integrative orthodontics allows us to do just that, giving us a chance to evaluate and examine the how and the why of your child’s crooked teeth. It’s our mission to bring balance to their smile and eliminate issues while still in the early stages of growth and development. This improves how:

  • Their faces change
  • Their airway is developed
  • Their teeth come into alignment

We strive to have everything come together ideally to ensure your child is going to be as healthy and as happy as possible — now and in the future.

Baines Dental Wellness

We’re Looking Out for Them (And You)

When we’re working together with families like yours, we take pride in not just addressing obvious symptoms. Dr. Baines and her team are more interested in digging a little deeper into their issues to better understand and treat them more effectively and efficiently to save you both precious time and money. Everything is done with a minimally invasive touch relying on safe and successful orthodontic treatments.

Are you intrigued? Would you like to know more? Call us and schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s learn more about you and your family together as your trusted dentist in Springfield.

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