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There’s a special, almost overwhelming feeling when you finally find the right dentist for either your smile or your entire family. It’s a feeling of relaxation, an “I got this” moment everyone should experience. Our services are rooted in years of experience and expertise that work alongside or even to improve what’s going on elsewhere in your body. It’s why we’re called Baines Dental Wellness because we’re more than just your average dentist in Springfield. From thorough, yet gentle dental hygiene cleanings and composite fillings to cosmetic dentistry and child jaw development — there’s a service for every smile at all ages and stages of your life.

Baines Dental Wellness
  • Implant Dentistry: Using our state-of-the-art cone beam technology and years of experience, Dr. Lisa Baines provides outstanding dental implant treatment. She precisely and comfortably restores and places dental implants in our Springfield dental office so you won’t have to worry about seeing a specialist or driving to a place you don’t know.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: If you could choose from a cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance or upgrade your smile, what would it be and why? (Go ahead, you can tell us.) Everyone has their reason or a story to share and we want to hear them all. Together, we can create a cosmetic plan of action that’s designed to erase unwanted flaws.
  • Restorative Dentistry: Chips, cracks, cavities, decay, and deterioration are no match for restorative dentistry courtesy of your talented and understanding Springfield dentist. There’s nothing wrong with having some issues that need to be addressed in terms of your oral health. We can help and want you to know we’re here for you whenever you’re ready.
  • General Dentistry: All of our general dentistry services are delivered with a deep dedication to perfecting both your oral and overall health. We don’t believe in treating issue after issue. We rely on general dentistry to provide you with the best solutions for your smile that you can always rely on for your family.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment: Does snoring ruin your sleep? Do you constantly wake up feeling tired and groggy even though you got enough sleep? This could be a condition called sleep apnea that’s keeping your body from getting enough restful sleep to function properly. Start by learning more and talking to your Springfield dentist.
  • Orthodontics: A straight smile is a healthy smile, and that’s why orthodontics from Baines Dental Wellness in Springfield is so sought after by patients and parents. We design an affordable treatment plan based on your custom needs and goals, delivering results you’ve been dreaming of in less time than you think.
  • TMJ Dentistry: Does recurring, annoying jaw pain make your everyday life almost unbearable? We get it! There’s no reason to spend another day masking your pain with medicines that don’t really work. It’s time you learned about the benefits of TMJ dentistry from the team at Baines Dental Wellness.

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