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Dr. Lisa Baines grew up in the Springfield area. She chose our convenient location for Baines Dental Wellness because the dentist who previously owned a practice had such a respected reputation.  He was known as a caring, community-focused dentist who was skilled at completing more elite and challenging treatments with unmatched artistry. We emulate and carry on a reputation of excellence, and creation of genuinely personal relationships with patients of all ages. Generosity and genuine compassion for others, especially in terms of oral and overall health, is our foundation. It helps foster a better, healthier you. We’re a partner for you,  your family, and your life.

A History of Hope

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Meet Dr. Lisa Baines

Sometimes being a dentist means you have to think outside the box, and Dr. Baines has the vision and experience to do just that. She has a core belief in being as healthy as one can be, stemming from her journey with a child diagnosed with diabetes at an early age. Like any other medical malady, there’s a common practice in dental care: taking the easy way out and merely managing disease instead of digging deeper towards a root cause. Now you need to speak with Dr. Baines, where extensive experience and modern yet compassionate care are what savvy Springfield families are talking about.

Team Spirit in Springfield

Team Spirit in Springfield

Dentistry and fun. Do you think the two can effectively go together? It’s a theme that seems to work out well for our team at Baines Dental Wellness. You can rely on the fact that when you’re coming to an appointment with your dentist, it’s going to feel like a little vacation where  laughter and love are celebrated with patients of all ages. Our team knows what’s a priority, and that’s your oral care and overall health. It’s easy to like and then love every one of our stellar team members. They truly care for you and your smile.

Stop. Look Around.

Our one-of-a-kind dental office located in Springfield has been a part of the neighborhood for decades, and we aim to keep it that way. Baines Dental Wellness focuses on treating the whole you, emphasizing your oral health and overall wellbeing. You’ll find it’s easy to relax in our Springfield office thanks to a modern, upbeat feel resonating through the decor and our office atmosphere. We’ve specifically designed a space that’s stylish and up-to-date, featuring some of dentistry’s most advanced diagnostic tools and the latest laser technology. Take advantage of your very own personal, virtual office tour.

Welcome All Smiles,

at any age

Infant 0-5 portrait.

Infant 0-5

Is your newborn struggling to breastfeed? Let’s talk about safe, effective frenectomy treatment.

School-age 6-17 portrait.

School-age 6-17

Do you need some support showing your kiddo how important taking care of their teeth is? We can help you!

Young Adult 17-24 portrait.

Young Adult 17-24

Are you looking to straighten and perfect your smile? Now’s the time to talk about orthodontic solutions with us.

Middle-Aged 25-50 portrait.

Middle-Aged 25-50

What’s been bothering you about your smile? Start the conversation with us to create a more confident, new you.

Older Generation 50+ portrait.

Older Generation 50+

Isn’t this your time to shine? You took care of the rest now it’s time you look and feel your very best.

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